Twin sisters met o.a. Annemarie Slotboom

Dolly Twins Paradox- A Dolly Parton tribute and a wig

Dolly Twins Paradox - A Dolly Parton tribute and a wig. 

Commissioned portrait by De Volkskrant. 

Ilya about making this photographic portrait The Dolly Twins: 

The biggest challenge when photographing people - and I'm not talking about chasing happy snaps-is to reveal that hidden, intangible something that lies beneath. After all, photography can only record light reflecting off surfaces. And herein lies the paradox of our medium.

How do you reveal what's happening on the inside, if all you can show is the outside? 

It's about fusing instinct and technique. It's about everything working together. Look at the different elements at play in this portrait of two sisters: the tight composition, the intensity of their gaze, the fiery red background, the flatness of light. 
This combination of elements - the subject, how one can interact with them, the surrounding context and the visual traits of photography itself, created by the lens and frame -are communicating this story of twins. 
To take photographs of people you have to forgo judgement for empathy. You have to see yourself in your subject. You have to abandon logic, give in to all your senses and trust your visual instinct.